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JD water well drilling rigs are designed for safety, reliability, and productivity with products to serve all of your drilling needs.  We have a complete line of hydraulic top-head drive drilling rigs, designed for water well drilling and other applications requiring air or mud rotary as well as down-the-hole hammer drilling methods. Our drills provide ample power and versatility to reach target drilling depths in all types for soil conditions and rock formations. Additionally, our rigs are highly mobile, capable of reaching the most remote locations.


he optimum range of hole size for blast hole drilling with DTH is 90 mm to 254 mm (3 ½”–10″). Smaller blast holes are generally drilled using top hammer, and larger holes generally use rotary machines. In other applications, like foundation drilling, DTH hammers can be used with single bit in hole sizes up to 914 mm (36″). With multiple hammer units CD (Cluster Drills) drill holes up to 70″ or 1778 mm as standard. Larger cluster drills can be delivered as per customer request.


    we provides the best DTH Bit to suit most popular DTH Hammers. The bits made are suited for any type of drilling like Water well, Mining, Construction, Blasting & Quarrying.

    We manufacture different types of bits for different applications. The range varies from 3″ to 18″ (Diameter) with different face styles like Concave, Convex and Flat.




    • Our bits are designed, engineered, and manufactured for superior penetration while maintaining maximum cleaning action at the face of the bit, thus extending the working life of the product.
    • Our bits are field tested to stringent quality requirements to provide consistent performance results in the field.
    • Our bits are conditioned by a special manufacturing procedure which establishes a protective cushion on the bits, thus reducing chances of cracking which often occur in hi-impact drilling products.
    • Our bits are heat treated applying most advanced heat treatment technology that extend the product life for maximum wear and performance in the toughest of drilling conditions. Relevant quality checks are applied in various stages of manufacture.
    • Our bits are manufacturing product from forging to finished product in house. Using best Carbide, Steel and maintaining strict quality control.
    • The combination of premium steel, quality carbide and state of art design and manufacturing yields superior product capable of performing in the toughest of drilling conditions.




    Any oversize head on a standard shank, additional buttons and flush holes can be accommodated as per customer specifications.



    • DHD-3.5, Cop-34, M-30, A34-15, BR2,BR3
    • Panther, DHD -14, DH4,DHD-4,DHD-34OA,Cop-42, Cop-44,Mission 40, SD-4, QL-4, Secoroc-4″ , Numa-4
    • DHD-16,DHD-160,DHD-360,QL-60,Mission 60, SD-6, Cop-62,Cop-64,Secoroc-6″, Numa-6″
    • SD-8,DHD-380,COP-84,SECOROC-8”,NUMA-8, Mission 80
    • SD-10,NUMA-100
    • SD-12,NUMA-120


DRILLING PIPES –  Our standard drill pipes, friction welded, are suited to work as well on the dth hammer as rotary.Drill pipe includes pipe body and tool joints(box and pin) welded together, used to connect drilling rig surface equipment and bottom equipment or bottom hole equipment. Drill pipe can bear heavy internal and external pressure, and twist, bend, and vibration which can be used more than one time during oil or gas production.


Drill pipes are steel tubes fitted with threaded ends called tool joints, which are commonly used in tension in the top part of the drill string to pump fluid and transmit torque to the bit.

Usage: Mine blasting, water well drilling, geothermal wells drilling, fore poling, coal, and nonferrous metal mining projects, etc.